PMI Uganda Welcomes New Board Members

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Disan Katabalwa

Incoming Vice President

Evelyn Osiime

Incoming Chapter Secretary
  1. Incoming Vice President: Disan Katabalwa
Disan has over 15 years of expertise in microfinance, digital banking, and project management. Disan is currently the project manager of FINCA Uganda. He has previously worked for SAO, FINCA Uganda, FINCA Nigeria, FINCA DRC, UGAFODE Microfinance, FINCA Impact Finance, and Pride Microfinance. He rose through the ranks from Credit officer, Teller, Accounts assistant, Branch accountant, Branch Manager, Business Analyst, Global Business Analyst, Project Manager, Head of Banking Operations, and Head of Digital Strategy. Over the years he has managed the implementation of six core banking projects and 25 digital banking projects for FINCA DRC, FINCA Kosovo, FINCA Nigeria, FINCA Malawi, FINCA Zambia, FINCA Uganda, UGAFODE Microfinance, and Pride Microfinance. He is a member of the PMI member since 2019 and who volunteers as a project management trainer under PMIEF skills for life.
  1. Incoming Secretary: Evelyn Osiime
Evelyn is a Digital Transformation consultant   who has worked on a diverse range of projects, each contributing to the evolution and growth of organizations. Her professional experience, with a special focus on project management, has spanned over 10 years and has encompassed projects of varying magnitude and complexity. These have included:
  1. International Conference Registration Systems (Role: Collaborator and Coordinator): Successfully collaborated with stakeholders to design and implement registration systems for global events, like the AFWA – All African Water Association Congress 2020, fostering global engagement through seamless digital experiences which wasn’t previously the case at the utility.
  2. Integration of Billing and Financial Systems (Role: Integration Lead): Spearheaded the integration of NWSC’s billing system with the financial system, streamlining financial processes and enhancing accurate reporting.
  3. Readings and Billing System features Rollout (Role: Lead Support): Played a pivotal role in developing and launching the company’s readings and billing features, a digital transformative step toward efficient customer engagement and billing accuracy
  4. Customer Payments Channel Implementation (Role: Technical Team Manager): Managed the engagement and onboarding of technical teams for the successful implementation of customer payment channels, empowering users with secure and convenient digital payment options.
  5. NWSC Corporate Website Redesign and Redevelopment (Role: Coordinator): Coordinated efforts across different stakeholders and teams to redesign and redevelop the company’s Corporate Website, ensuring an engaging digital presence that reflects NWSC’s commitment to innovation.
  6. Systems Documentation and User Training (Role: Author and Facilitator): Authored comprehensive systems requirements and user manuals, enabling seamless adoption and efficient usage of the developed systems. Conducted user training workshops for smooth transitions.
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