The Future of Project Management: PMI Uganda Chapter’s Innovative Collaboration with Makerere University

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In the world of project management, being one step ahead not only demands expertise, but also an acute awareness of emerging technologies. Recently, the Project Management Institute (PMI) Uganda Chapter, known for their leadership and insight in the industry, joined forces with Makerere University’s engineering department in a groundbreaking partnership. This collaboration highlights PMI’s unwavering commitment to equipping project professionals with the latest tools and strategies, specifically in the areas of prompt engineering and Generative AI skills.

Under the visionary guidance of Eng. Irene Nattabi PMP®, President of PMI Uganda Chapter, a dedicated team of volunteers embarked on a mission to impart invaluable knowledge to the next generation of project leaders. Focusing on prompt engineering, a rapidly growing digital skill with the potential to revolutionize project management, the volunteers conducted immersive training sessions with students to unlock their full potential.

Coinciding with these training sessions were thought-provoking discussions, where students gained insight into the five essential process groups for effective project management: initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and controlling, and closing. With real-life examples and hands-on exercises, the volunteers empowered students to confidently navigate the complexities of project execution.

At the core of this initiative lies PMI’s resolute dedication to providing cutting-edge resources and innovative thought leadership for project professionals. By bridging the gap between academia and industry, PMI Uganda Chapter and Makerere University are paving the way for a future where prompt engineering and Generative AI skills are integral to project success.

As we reflect upon the success of this collaboration, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to all stakeholders involved – from the visionary leaders at PMI Uganda Chapter to the dedicated volunteers and the students who embraced this opportunity with eagerness and enthusiasm.

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