Progress to Impact: PMI – Uganda Chapter’s 10-Year Celebration

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PMI – Uganda Chapter is eagerly anticipating its 10-year anniversary celebration in June 2024. This milestone marks a decade of dedication and progress in promoting project management excellence within Uganda. As the chapter gears up for this significant event, Mr. Dissan Katabalwa has taken on the role of lead volunteer to spearhead the preparations.

His commitment and enthusiasm are evident as he lays out the roadmap for the anniversary festivities. At a recent “Meet and Greet” event, Dissan outlined the series of events leading up to the Annual Conference in June 2024, rallying volunteers to join the team in the planning and execution process. With his leadership and the support of the dedicated volunteers, PMI – Uganda Chapter is poised to deliver a memorable and impactful celebration.

The upcoming anniversary celebration not only highlights the achievements of the past decade but also serves as a platform to inspire and engage project management professionals across Uganda. Dissan’s vision for the event encompasses a range of activities and initiatives aimed at showcasing the chapter’s contributions to the field of project management. From networking sessions to educational workshops, the anniversary festivities will offer opportunities for knowledge sharing and professional development.

By mobilizing volunteers and fostering collaboration, PMI – Uganda Chapter aims to make this anniversary celebration a testament to the organization’s commitment to excellence and innovation in project management. As preparations unfold, anticipation builds within the chapter and the broader project management community for what promises to be a memorable and impactful milestone event.

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